Perth Welding Training

At ENRYB International Welding Training, you will be pleased with our one-on-one, practical, hands-on, welding training with all of our experienced offshore pipeline instructors, using many of our first class welding equipment. We have unlimited pipe and plate test pieces that are ready bevelled including duplex, stainless steel, carbon steel and other exotics

We hire welding bays to complete Weld Procedure Qualification and or Welder Qualification Testing.

All our training follows the industry requirements for offshore welding and onshore welding, with possible industry placements.

ENRYB performs semi-automatic and manual welding to AS1554, ASME IX, AS3992, AS2885, AWS D1.1, B31.3 and DNV OS F101.

Our  processes include Flux Core (FCAW), Gas Metal Arc (Mig), Outer and Inner Shield, Gas Tungsten Arc (Tig), Manual Metal Arc (Stick), Orbital and Surface Tension Transfer (STT).

Phone. (08) 9451 6778 for the world class training you deserve.

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